Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Goracle Strikes Again 

On July 17, Al Gore gave another one of his misinformed, misleading, and misrepresentative speeches regarding global warming - oops, climate change. The cultist fear mongers spreading this dis-information had to change their term because earth has actually been cooling the last 10 or so years. Darn, it's really bad when the control crowd gets clobbered by the facts.

Anyway, the Americans for Prosperity decided to show up at Gore's speech location, the DAR at Constitution Hall in Washington, DC. The hypocrisy shown by attendees and the Gore family is just more indication of the double standard the elites are now trying to impose on the rest of us. Here are a few samples of the duplicity shown by the so-called, concerned crowd:
1 - Gore and Tipper and daughter, Karenna, arrived with two Lincoln Town Cars and one Suburban SUV - but hey, they're big shots, what's a limo or two to an important person like Gore? Prius, nah!
2 - Attendees who want all of us to use public transportation, arrived in CO 2 spouting cars instead of using bus transportation (stop .03 miles from the building; over 20 subway and bus stops within a half mile of the building);
3 - One guy actually liked the camera - $8/gallon gasoline is fine with him;
3 - The driver of the limousine transferring Tipper and Karenna Gore ran the car's air-conditioning for 20 minutes so the car would be nice and comfy for our Goracle's family.
You can view the 4-minute video here - be sure and watch to the end. Priceless!

Remember, this is the guy who uses more energy in his home in one month than most Americans use in a year. But, that's OK, he cares - doesn't do, just talks and cares.

BTW, President Bush's ranch home is a model of efficient energy usage - see here.