Friday, June 27, 2008

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The Moving Picture Institute, producers of Indoctrinate U, blogged recently about the University of Colorado's notion of having a chair of conservative policy.
The ongoing debate about higher ed reform tends to be quite polarized, and there are many issues upon which the different sides of the debate are seemingly never going to agree. But [Bud] Peterson's plans for a conservative chair were different. They had a peculiar unifying effect as commenters from all sides expressed strong reservations about a faculty position that seemed more concerned with candidates' political viewpoints than with their expertise, and that also contained more than a hint of tokenism. Chancellor Peterson's efforts are understandable, many conceded, but that does not make them especially viable.
Very sensible, though some seem quite willing to accept tokens.

We're ordering up a copy of IndocU, by the way, and looking for a place to show it this fall on campus. Interested parties may contact me on the blog's email address, comments at blog url without the www part.

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