Sunday, June 01, 2008

Review - Republican Convention Speakers 

Now the politicians and it was quite the crew:

Senator Tom Coburn of OK is one terrific senator with his head on straight. He shared the problems we will face rather shortly if the entitlement programs and other government waste are not addressed. Two are listed below:
1 - By 2030 all government entitlement programs except SS and Medicare will have to be dropped.
2 - Government waste - $300,000,000,000/year. Biggest contributors: Medicare - $80,000,000,000; Medicaid - $30,000,000,000; $15,000,000,000 in NYC alone. DOD - $50,000,000,000. The list continues.
The belief that we can spend our way to prosperity through government programs has NEVER worked - a nation spends its way to oblivion. Senators Obama and Clinton and supporters - take heed. Nations or governments that collapsed, failed because of loose fiscal policy, including far too many give-away programs.

Senator Norm Coleman - gave a stemwinder of a speech, including the need for a domestic oil source (not ANWR), border security, energy independence, reduced spending, etc. He was his best! If he believes and implements what he said, he will be remembered as a very strong senator. His strength is the UN and its behavior.

Governor Tim Pawlenty - also gave a terrific speech. The audience thanked him for his vetoes this year. If not for the six RINOs, we would not be facing the largest tax increase in 150 years. Governor Pawlenty held the line on all other DFL nonsense.

Congressman John Kline - low key as usual but emphasized the importance of voting and that elections have consequences. This election is truly important.

Now, our other Congressional District (CD) Candidates and they are an OUTSTANDING crew!

CD 1 - Brian Davis - low key but really knows what's happening in Washington. He gets the ramifications of tax increases on the average American, the energy problems, the impact of corn going to ethanol and the resulting repercussions. He's married, has four kids, is a physicist and physician - this guy is smart! More info here.

CD 3 - Erik Paulsen - did not speak. Information here.

CD 4 - Ed Matthews - dynamic speaker! He's a CPA (and attorney) and you wonder if the CPA side can deliver - let me tell you, this guy delivers in spades! He had the hall on its feet. Betty McCollum is not safe with this guy running and run he does - energy, facts, wit, a long shot? Maybe not. Check his website, here.

CD 5 - Barb Davis White - Keith Ellison has to be very, very nervous. True Mpls. is so DFL one wonders if they'll ever get rid of their blues but if anyone can crack it, Barb Davis White can. She is doing what needs to be done. Another unbelievably dynamic speaker! She takes the stage, knows her stuff, and delivers in spades. Check out her website here.

CD 7 - Glen Menze - Glen lives in a district that lives Republican and votes Democrat. This year may be the best chance to unseat the incumbent, Colin Peterson. Why? Taxes, taxes, taxes - all imposed by Democrats. Glen is not low key and not dynamic but simply a rock-solid midwestern
guy who understands that elitist attitudes are not what made Americans and CD 7 residents great. Learn more about Glen here.

Our candidates are absolutely first rate - help, donate, do whatever you can - we have a real shot at making some headway this year. Remember, taxes, taxes, taxes - all Democrat Party imposed. Our candidates are candidates with common sense, ideas and solutions.

The closing speaker was Karl Rove. There is a reason he is so influential. There is not a Democrat in sight who has Rove's grasp of the issues and ramifications of various outcomes. He is so knowledgeable. His comments are backed with data. He understands how people think, how they are motivated. He is humorous and witty. Even if you don't agree with his policies, he's worth hearing because he is a terrific speaker.