Saturday, June 28, 2008

Politicians and Parades 

Full disclosure: I'm the Republican chair for MN's 2nd Congressional District and volunteer in a number of ways for Representative John Kline, including parades. I was totally unaware of this activity until 2004 and reluctantly said "I'll help."

Frankly, they're fun, plain fun. We meet a lot of people. I love the parades, especially in the towns outside the metro area. Everyone, it seems, comes to watch. You have the local high school band(s), Scout troops, businesses, dance schools, and the requisite fire engines and about any local group possible. A number in our southern towns have ethnic dancing and singing groups whose members are really entertaining.

People stake out "their spot" on the parade route with blankets and chairs, hours ahead of time and nobody moves their "stuff." They show up ready to cheer their neighbors and yes, sometimes their politician. I usually hand out items, high-five the kids, and pet dogs, which I love to do. People, well most people, are very receptive to any overture we make. But there are the sour ones, those who just can't stand conservatives - they ignore a pleasant "Hi, how are you? Great day! Etc." and just snarl at you. Why be so angry? It's a parade, it's fun and it sure beats watching the news!

If you have a favorite candidate, call their office and volunteer to participate. After doing it once or twice, you'll find, you'll have a good time and be supporting "your" guy (gal)!