Friday, June 13, 2008

Irrational Educational Fear 

This time, from Australia.

Under the guise of education many Australian schools have "adopted environmental education programs that teach children that human intrusion into nature is to be condemned and that man's life must be subordinated to the preservation of nature, by government force if necessary. Under this view, nature is not to be preserved for the benefit of man, but rather, it is to be preserved for its own sake against the encroachments of man."

A further quote states the goal of the educational bureaucracy and environmentalists: "This curriculum is not designed simply to teach facts about the environment � it is designed to alter behavior in ways that are acceptable to environmentalists and government bureaucrats."

It proceeds to offer a access to a game called "Planet Slayer," a game paid for by Australian taxpayers, hosted by the Australian Broadcasting System. This "game" encourages students to understand their own carbon footprint. In fact, doing some of the "exercises" in the program, inform a student that he/she spreads so much CO2 that all humans should be dead by age 9.3.

It's interesting that the group that screams for more government money and control of schools is a member of the same political party that is comprised of environmentalists.

This group that "cares for the children" has no qualms about striking fear into them and laying guilt on them over something they cannot control.

What is ignored are a few facts:
1 - Humans release CO2 when they exhale; plants use this CO2 to create food. Therefore, humans are needed for increased food consumption for increased population on planet Earth;
2 - There are now 31,000 scientists who have signed the latest paper, an increase in the 17,000 of a few years ago; they do not believe CO2 causes global warming (oops, climate change);
3 - CO2 makes up 38 molecules of 100,000 in our atmosphere; therefore CO2 is a trace element, hardly the stuff of massive climate change (let alone global warming);
4 - Also omitted is the impact of the oceans and sunspots;
5 - Man is an adaptable animal; we have lived through warming and cooling trends though warming trends result in longer life spans, more arts and sciences, etc. than cooling trends.
To take a questionable political agenda and use the public school systems to ram fear down the throats of our children is irresponsible, reprehensible and grossly unfair. In essence, we are lying to our children. What will they believe when they eventually discover that they've been fed a bill of goods? Trust, a foundation of a civil society will be lost. When an actual fear needs to be addressed, they will ignore it.

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