Monday, June 09, 2008

Coming attractions: Daily Effects of Indoctrination 

I thought about trying to create a full photo essay of this. But instead, we will do this with one a days. The picture above is a bulletin board that appears in the back stairwell (at the first landing) of the classroom and office building in which I work. Its title, "Daily Effects of White Privilege", describes a set of thirteen sketches -- amateur, perhaps done by children but I do not know the artists, they are not signed -- that are to describe things that white people take for granted about the lives they lead. Next to each is a sentence describing that privilege. I have a second board also photographed that has similar art but seems to have been drawn for a different purpose. Both are in areas where students, faculty, and staff walk every day. This one pictured above has been in the hallway for months; the photos were taken in early April for this set, in May for the other.

We now have freshman orientation going on and the young students and their parents are walking by these displays. Keep that in mind as you view the individual pictures. What message is SCSU sending to prospective and incoming students?

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