Monday, May 19, 2008

This has been me for years 

People are running out of their two-year contracts and they're coming into the stores and they want to be able to do Facebook and they want to be able to do instant messaging and they want to be able to do e-mail and they ask for those features thinking that they're going to get another flip phone and they're walking out with a (BlackBerry) Curve or a Pearl because they're the best devices for doing those kinds of activities. And so what is the defining factor? The keyboard.
Source, from the co-chair of RIM. Those of us who have had Treos for years (I'm already past the two year mark on my 700p, after two years with a 600. Though I'm thinking Blackberry next time, particularly this one, so that I can do email from overseas. Unlocked SIM cards, yes!