Saturday, May 17, 2008

Michele Bachmann 

This morning I attended the monthly Minnesota Republican Women (MRW) breakfast. It was a Mother's Day celebration; many members brought their daughters, granddaughters, and other relatives.

Our speaker was Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, mother of five, foster mom of 23. Anyone who has heard her speak knows how dynamic and accurate her talks are. Michele has a law degree and masters degree in tax law from William and Mary College. She focused on two topics today: taxes and energy.

In the early 1950's, families paid about 5% of their total income in taxes; today, they pay about 50%. In 1987, when Michele was getting her masters degree in tax law, she did a projection of what her son, then age 4, would have to pay to support all the government programs put in place by liberal baby boomers. 25% of her son's earnings in his highest earning years would be needed just to pay social security for boomers. This did not include taxes for medicare, state, estate, income, etc. In total, up to 85% of what her son would earn in his 30's and 40's would go to pay for boomer socialist programs. Breaking the backs of future generations is not wise.

Energy - open American resources.
OIL - We have oil but the greens have prevented us from accessing it (ANWR, 85% if America's coastline, etc.). Hurricane Katrina was one of the worst hurricanes ever yet the 40+ oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico run by American companies sustained zero damage. We know how to build these drilling platforms very well. ANWR - 1995, ANWR drilling was approved by the US Congress and President Clinton vetoed it. IF he had approved of this, we would not be funneling money to those who want to destroy us or hold us hostage. The funding for so much of the world's terrorism simply would not exist.

COAL - The Chinese are operating a new coal plant every week! Our politicians and greens prevent us from mining the coal. We can burn it cleanly, definitely cleaner than the Chinese.

NUCLEAR - Again, we can build safe plants. France produces almost 80% of its power from nuclear plants. America has not built a nuclear plant in 30 years.

NATURAL GAS - In the Dakotas.

In summary, if we used our own resources, we would have cheaper gasoline, cheaper heating fuels, and significantly decrease our reliance on those who wish they ruled us.

Today's Democrats are stonewalling any movement towards energy independence. You can say all you want about ethanol but it takes oil to produce it, it is not cost effective, and uses our tax dollars to subsidize it. Same for windmills. It's time for us to take our energy requirements responsibly.

For those of you who so want the government to solve this problem I have a few questions:
1 - When did a government ever solve anything at a reasonable price? (See taxes at beginning of this post).
2 - Instead of the government, what are you personally willing to give up to save energy? Not what you want someone else to give up, but what you will give up all by yourself? I've yet to meet anyone who is eager for the government to solve this problem say what they, individually, will give up.

For those of you who are now on the "get rid of plastics" bandwagon, here's a few more points:
1 - Plastic (and nylon and Orlon and rayon and polyester) come from oil. What fabrics do you want to give up? You can replace with hemp where legal and cotton but who will farm it?
2 - Plastic was designed to replace glass because glass broke, people got very nasty cuts; plastic was safer.
3 - Are you willing to give up your Ipod? CDs? CD carriers? Computers? Backpacks? Hi-tech athletic shoes? Synthetic athletic clothing? Cars? Cell phones? DVDs? The list is endless.

Remember it was boomers and their parents who invented this stuff. If you are unhappy with it, invent something to replace it. This requires degrees in the hard sciences, real mathematics, not degrees in social engineering areas.

We can solve problems because we are a free society. Totalitarian systems, thugs, bullies, governments that allow only one way to think don't solve problems - they control their people and blame others for everything. We are a nation of doers, problem solvers. When we get government off our backs and use our own resources, all benefit.

Michele gets it, she really does.