Friday, May 30, 2008

Coleman nominated 

Norm Coleman was renominated a few minutes ago in a very quick unanimous voice vote. The applause in the room is excellent and enthusiastic. A group of supporters come off the wings to stand in front of the stage. Some snips...

Referring to Obama's San Francisco comments: "We don't cling to our faith, we cherish it." (2007 rank from Club for Growth: McCain not there enough but at 94% would be top 10, Coleman #42)

Support for McCain both on the war and controlling wasteful spending.

"I've cherished the role being Minnesota's mayor in Washington."

"when the floodwaters rush into Roseau and Browns Valley, Minnesota doesn't need an ideologue in Washington, they need someone that gets things done."

He quotes Winston Churchill: If you're going through hell, keep going. This is what he thinks Republicans need to do, and how Republicans should get around to selling its message to voters. We are winning in Iraq, violence is down, al Qaeda is down and we need to recognize Gen. Petraeus as man of the year.

Change isn't always good. Sometimes change is going from Bud Grant to Les Steckel. For the DFL, change is always about taxes. "Keep your hands out of our pockets, keep your hands off our change."

"For those who want to have nationalized health care show us the Medica or the Mayo Clinic of Canada. They don't exist."

Coleman came out for deep-water off-shore drilling, which would fly in the face of his votes previously on ANWR. It's good news if he follows through. The crowd likes this. He then mentions alternative energy, that doesn't go over nearly so well.

"I'm not ready to surrender the 21st century to China."

"#7 We will secure our borders. National sovereignty ends when we don't protect our borders, period."

Speech ends after about 35 minutes. Media are off to get quotes, Michael will grab that if possible.

(Meanwhile, out back apparently a battle between McCain and Paul supporters. Someone reported to me that they saw Ms. Stebbins quite emotional in the back of the hall about forty minutes ago. Don't know if she was involved; she could be emotional because this happened.)