Tuesday, April 08, 2008

That's education! 

An emailed ad arrived through the campus announcement list today:

Feeling sad or upset about injustices, wars, environmental problems in our world today?

Want to make the world a better place?

Not sure about what you can do
or feel you want to do more?

If this is you, find out about the Social Responsibility Masters Degree
at an informal informational Pizza Party!

Come & find out about the possibilities of making our world a better place.

We will be:
� Chatting about the Masters of Science in Social Responsibility
� Meeting people currently in the program & learning what they have to say about it.
� Eating pizza
� Best of all-finding out possibilities to making our world a better place.

Three questions:
  1. Is there a common storage place on the internet where you get the right ethnic balance for pictures of all kinds? "Um, I'd like to have a picture of people eating pizza. But they gotta be diverse, y'know? Got any of those?" (Don't bother with the Google image search. I tried that.)
  2. Is it the proper role of education to create programs that help you deal with things that make you sad or upset? The active terms in the ad are "make the world a better place" and "do more". Do more what?
  3. Have I been reading too much Goldberg, or does the red lettering spook you, too?
The program being advertised is here.

UPDATE: Welcome Liberal Fascism readers! Thanks to Jonah Goldberg for the link.

Omigosh! The Corner too? Truly flattered, thanks.