Friday, March 28, 2008

Forest Lake Rebuttal 

If you have been following the cowardly behavior of the Forest Lake School District personnel, you are aware that the principal, Mr. Massey, reneged on his word to alum Pete Hegseth, Executive Director of Vets for Freedom to allow Pete and his heroic buddies the opportunity to give students a chance to hear true events about Iraq.

Nick Coleman of the Minneapolis Star Tribune, ever the friend of the anti-military left, got his digs in yesterday. The school superintendent and principal cannot seem to decide why they went back on their word - was it parents? outsiders? the children? security? the press? Who knows - their story keeps changing.

In response to the unfair, unjust, and inconsistent comments made by Forest Lake administrators, Pete Hegseth has released the following statement:

"There was NO press conference called and there was NO safety threat.

"I called the superintendent 3 times, left 2 messages, he will not call me back.

"We did NOTHING wrong and we haven't piled on (can't say that about others in the media - Janet)...we haven't sent out anyone's contact information or asked anyone to email anyone (I chose to email to my list - Janet)"

Thanks, Pete

Pete, we thank you and the soldiers who were denied the opportunity to tell their real experiences, not media-biased experiences. Who lost? The students and anyone else who would be open to learning what really is happening in Iraq. All missed true stories of valor, leadership, calm in incredibly stressful circumstances. So many who could have learned much were denied by the politically correct (in reality, wrong) actions of so few.

Special thanks to you and our soldiers, agents of security, stability and therefore, peace.

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