Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Did she take the pledge? Yes 

The Club for Growth has been seeking congresspeople who will take a pledge to forgo earmarks. Rep. John Kline announced his decision to forswear pork last July. A list the Club put up in January included members of Reagan 21, a group of Republican legislators who commit to Reaganite principles including the ending of all earmarks. One of the legislators on the list is Rep. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota, who is a member of Reagan 21. I had not seen any press release on this pledge and I had asked before about it, receiving a noncommittal answer. Last night I asked again about this, as there had been no correction on the CfG page when they updated it this week. This morning I received an email from her office confirming that she has in fact taken the pledge to forgo making any earmark requests "while fighting to reform the broken system."

For supporters of limited government, this is great news.

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