Sunday, March 02, 2008

The DFL Feeds Boarzilla 

Every year at the Great Minnesota Get Together, aka The State Fair, attendees are treated to a view of the largest hog of the year, appropriately named "Boarzilla."

We now have another Boarzilla in Minnesota: a colossal coalition of special interest groups snorting up to the public trough. They eagerly anticipate the slop that soon will flow out of taxpayers' buckets from last Monday's transportation bill. Governor Pawlenty's veto was overridden by a DFL dominated legislature to feed this Boarzilla to the tune of a $6,600,000,000 tax increase, the largest in 150 years.

The DFL claims to be the party of the "little guy," but the little guy could not move fast enough to avoid being squashed by this Boarzilla. The DFL is also the party that is so very, very concerned about our environment. Look at these environmental lobbying groups, supporters of this Boarzilla-feeding bill:
Environmental Organizations
Alliance for Sustainability
Conservation Fund
Conservation Minnesota
Fresh Energy
Friends of the Mississippi River
Friends of the Boundary Waters Wilderness
Institute for Local Self � Reliance
Izaak Walton League � Minnesota Division
Lower Phalen Creek Project
Mankato Area Environmentalists
Minnesota Center for Environmental Advocacy
Minnesota Conservation Federation
Minnesota Council Trout Unlimited
Minnesota Environmental Partnership
Minnesota Food Association
Minnesota Land Trust
National Environmental Trust, Minnesota
Sierra Club (yep, those greens)
Sustainable Farming Association of Minnesota
Will Steger Foundation, (yep, THAT Will Steger, you know the one who still believes Antarctica is shrinking)
For a complete list of the gluttons, please see Drew Emmer's post at Wright Cty Republicans, a MUST READ. One might have thought that legislators, who are paid by us, might consider how much money they're taking from us. But no, the DFL just can't resist gouging MN taxpayers. They need to fatten their special interest groups which collectively make up a grossly gluttonous gargantuan Boarzilla.