Friday, March 07, 2008

All I know about Armenia now 

Following the example set by Nazarian (whose blog is a must read for the events ongoing in Armenia, h/t: Kouba), I will ask this bow be placed on blogs to commemorate the deaths of eight persons in Armenia on March 1st as a result of violence surrounding the presidential elections held there February 19th. Some video at The Armenia Blog.

The Economist
provides coverage. Notes from Hairenik details ongoing fighting in Karabagh that may be an attempt by long-time antagonists to use the unrest in Yerevan to their advantage.

I haven't posted more about this because it's hard to get a read on the situation, largely because suppression of the press is leading to a warped information flow. For example, there's this curious post on Neeka's Backlog that says the protesters are targeting property held by the ruling party and supporting oligarchs. But the press reports everything said about the protesters as a provocation engineered by Kocharian/Sargsyan. I think Neeka could be right, but how do I know? I find this post at Armenia Now perhaps the best expressing the view that democracy isn't well served by either candidate winning.

What I do know is eight people are dead; I'd like to think not in vain, but too many trips, too many disillusionments leave me doubtful.