Thursday, January 10, 2008

Radiohead and music of the year 

I bought my first iPod this past year and started using iTunes. I notice this has changed my buying habits for music. One of my first ventures was to get the Radiohead download of In Rainbows -- for which I paid, and apparently more than the median price they received. Can't say as I'm sorry, as I have to make it my favorite album of 2007. Apparently many people are now buying it in stores, and it's the top CD sale of last week according to the New York Times, reports Jeffrey Tucker. In fact, 122,000 of the CDs sold, says New York magazine.

Why favorite? I'm not sure. Perhaps Thom Yorke got some of his electronica jones from his solo "The Eraser" last year. (If you have iTunes, go get Skip Divided and The Clock. If you like them, buy the rest. My guess is you won't.) "In Rainbows" is really rock, not that anyone who isn't a fan of the band will give a damn about this.

Other CDs issued in 2007 that I liked plenty (no particular order):