Sunday, January 20, 2008

King Wins This Week 

King was pulling for the NY Giants against the Packers. I was hoping Favre would pull out another one. Was not to be. It did look like the Giants were the better team today. February 3 will be another story. If I were a betting man, I'd put my money on New England but in reality, I don't care who wins the Super Bowl - just plan to have a good time.

Congrats, King. Your team MAY pull an upset, then again.....

KING ADDS: Thank you, Janet. I thought the miss at the end of regulation was going to be the killer, but then the fantastic interception. I did NOT want them kicking the FG there, but Tynes could not wait to get on to the field and I thought "you know, that's the kind of kicker I want, the one who forgets the last miss within ten minutes." But I still thought it was too far in Lambeau.

Apparently a three-point difference in Week 17 made no difference, as the Patriots are favored by anywhere from 12.5 to 14 points. I'm hoping the Nihilist picks New England.