Wednesday, January 09, 2008

In which a 20-year vegetarian embraces bacon 

In my comments on Mid Stream Radio this PM I suggested that it would be hard to find much difference between economic advisors -- and by extension, economic policies -- between the three serious Democratic candidates and the five serious GOP ones.* That would seem to be a problem to me; we have had several years of economic policy that might get a B- from me at best, and I want to vote for those who would earn a higher grade. I'd take time, but this is done brilliantly by Learned Foot in an allegory. Its punchline:
"If perfect is the enemy of good, then what is the enemy of not good enough?"
In a companion post this PM Foot adds,
However, the one object in that post that was meant to be taken literally was the bacon. By which I meant (if you haven't already figured it out) that if Huckabee is the GOP nominee, I will be writing in "bacon" in the presidential space on my ballot in November in a very real, nonmetaphorical way.
I would make that two votes for bacon, and I may leave the polling place, go across the street and cook up a rasher with a Coleman stove that hopefully would set the MoveOn illegal election-rigging information booth on fire. I will then consume it.

*--with due apologies to Messrs Richardson and Kucinich on the one side and Messrs Paul and Hunter on the other. It pains me to consider Mr. Edwards seriously, I should add, and if by some chance should become the Tic nominee, I may revise my comment above.