Friday, January 25, 2008

A brief aside on the Republican presidential primaries 

I hear a lot, given how much I'm around the radio and blogs, but I don't write much. And my guy is already out of the running. So those who watch this and hear caterwauling about the apostate McCain, and who know a little economics, can simplify this a bit. If there's any other candidate one thinks will win against the Democratic nominee, I expect that candidate will win. Every time someone says McCain is the most favored Republican among non-Republicans (including the NYT endorsement), the more solid is his claim "I'm the guy who can keep her out." If Rudy hits the wrong note in Florida, McCain's claim is stronger. We can assume the Republicans would rather win with the apostate than lose with the disciple.

So far, the polls are McCain's best argument for the nomination.

And regarding McCain and economics, let me simply say that Secretary of the Treasury Phil Gramm = WIN.