Monday, December 24, 2007

Shia + Sunni = Iraq - Where's the MSM? 

As this article shows Shia and Sunni in Iraq do have the capability of willing to work together and can get over the mindset of division and one-upmanship. Local Iraqis, regardless of Muslim sect, are taking charge of their neighborhoods and streets and sharing the space.

In their drive for "news," too many media pundits, all over the planet, focus on the abnormal, the aberration, the unusual, and anything that will divide groups. Just consider the mouths that constantly play the race card in the USA. But Iraqis have already discovered that what appears on western television is not necessarily what is happening in Iraq. This ability to discern truth from propaganda is a very healthy sign for a nation's population who were under the thumb of a dictator for more than one generation. It shows what people can do when given the opportunity for free thought. Our soldiers have made a significant impact on Iraqi society and the Iraqis "get it."

There is more to do but the Iraqis are making incredible progress, governmental, physical, religious and emotional. They are a shining example of what people can do when given a chance.

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