Sunday, December 16, 2007

Remembering our Vets 

Please view the You Tube video about Wreaths-Across-America at my friend Chad's site. H/T Michelle Malkin, too. Morrill Worcester of Worcester Wreaths in Maine began laying wreaths at Arlington Cemetery in 1992, his way of remembering those who have died so we may enjoy the fruits of freedom. The project, now called Wreaths-across-America has grown to laying wreaths at over 200 national and state cemeteries across the USA. Yesterday, at the Fort Snelling Cemetery in Bloomington, MN, a wreath laying ceremony occurred.

Next year, I will get in front of this project so more of us can participate and contribute.

Thank you to all the veterans and those who laid the wreaths. We must always remember the real heroes of our freedoms - those who fight and those who lost their lives so we can live as peacefully as we do and extend this peace to others for whom safety like ours is only a dream.

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