Saturday, December 15, 2007

Marty Seifert and Goals 

This morning, I heard Marty Seifert, Republican Minority Leader, clearly articulate goals for the upcoming legislative session and campaigns for next year. In summary, what he said made sense. Here goes:

1 - The Republican message is positive: increase jobs, have government live within its means; have government apply fiscal discipline.
2 - Transportation: roads and bridges; roads and bridges; roads and bridges.
3 - Marshall should not have to pay for others' pork projects nor should others have to pay for Marshall's pork projects. (Locals want, locals raise the money, locals pay. We need to stop the mindset of going to the state government trough.)
4 - We need fewer people riding the welfare wagon. MN gets 4000-6000 new residents a year who come here for public benefits.

We need to return to individual responsibility versus everyone wanting someone else's money. Then we all win.