Friday, December 14, 2007

Icelanders put on their boogie shoes 

The cheap dollar brings foreign tourists here to shop, and one group is pretty happy about getting deals:
This December at the Holiday Inn near the Mall of America in Bloomington, Minn., more than a quarter of the 171 rooms are sometimes filled with shoppers who have come over on direct flights on Iceland Air from Reykjavik. Each spends around $2,500 at the mall�s stores, says Evie Walter, the hotel�s director of sales. ��Where�s Victoria�s Secret?�� is usually one of the first questions they�ll ask, she says.
Apparently, according to this article, if the group doesn't speak English, "charades always works."

I won't be stopping at the Mall of America tomorrow, as I will be spelling an unwell Mitch and putting in four hours on NARN tomorrow. Captain Ed will be with me 1-3pm CT and his interview with Mike Huckabee will surely be a topic, and Michael for Final Word in our usual 3-5pm slot with a more Minnesota feel. Meanwhile, I'm going to bed to read the Mitchell report. I will certainly have something to say about that.