Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Heroes? CBS? Yes, but 

While working out this morning, I happened to view one of the televisions near the machines. CBS was airing a segment, "Heroes at Home." They were showing Americans helping other Americans whose spouses are overseas. Americans do these kinds of actions and I am glad to see that the donors are getting exposure for their great work. It is wonderful to know that families also have support here at home.

But I have another question:

Where was and is CBS and their news and their opinions and their coverage on the brave heroes who are doing the fighting? You know, the ones protecting us, our children, and freedom for the future? If I recall, most of the alphabet soup coverage of the war by the mainstream media has been very, very negative, including incomplete, snap judgments on the actions of our military (while ignoring the documented barbaric behavior of our enemy).

It seems rather odd that now that victory is a definite possibility, CBS chooses to show those helping the families here as "heroes" but continues to ignore the heroes overseas. Could this be another MSM ploy, one to make soldiers "victims?" I certainly hope not but I do have to wonder.

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