Saturday, December 15, 2007

Happy Birthday to an American Soldier in Afghanistan 

Or," Give 'em hell, Ma!" If you go to the website, you can see photos.

I could try to rewrite this, but the quote from the Illinois Families United web page, referenced above says it all:
Bev Perlson wanted to give her son a special gift for his birthday - He is in Afghanistan. She decided to show him how much she supported his mission - defending and protecting America. Bev decided to take a stand in front of the Cannon Office building that houses Rep. Nancy Pelosi. Bev chose to play patriotic music and carry signs that say "I'm proud of my son" and "Fund the Troops". Bev arranged for a permit for the corner and during the week of December 10- 14 and from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm she proudly showed her colors each day! Families United board members stopped by on Tuesday and Wednesday and stood beside her. We were honored to sing Happy Birthday to John!(Note - no media attention was given!)
Code Pink decided to appear but as usual, they didn't have their facts straight. The diary covers events through Wednesday. Subsequent posts will be written this weekend.

It would be nice if our media would bother to look at the real reasons for our soldiers fighting versus sticking to their groupthink mindset and ignoring the real heroes of this daunting challenge. Bev and her friends do "get it" but too many politicians and Americans are still playing ostrich. Our "peace" crowd opposes the very people (our soldiers) who protect their right to protest. The peace crowd refuses to acknowledge they could not do what they do in any nation that is fighting us. They do not realize how their actions aid those who want to destroy freedom.

Some of our citizens really understand the threat to us, our children, our grandchildren and freedom in general. Thank goodness they do.

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