Monday, December 03, 2007

Do We Want J. Edgar Hoover's Ghost in the White House? 

J. Edgar Hoover was notorious for using the FBI to compile dossiers on people from all walks of life. Is his ghost on the campaign trail now? Lots of jabber about Mrs. Clinton's latest attack on Mr. Obama's writing about a wish to be president in kindergarten and third grade: here, here and here.

One point overlooked: President Bush has been criticized for his efforts to try to protect Americans from future terrorist attacks. There's been way too much hand-wringing over the possibility that the government might possibly in some remote case ask about what books you have read.

If you are honestly concerned about civil liberties, the last thing you ought to want or even consider is someone (Mrs. Clinton) in the White House who already displays a personal interest in the minute details across the entire span of another person's life.

This is really scary.