Friday, November 23, 2007

You have to admit, s/he's hard-working 

John Hinderaker has found the best story about this Thanksgiving -- a "Director of Equity, Race and Learning Support" who uses the Thanksgiving story to create resentment among native American tribes for "500 years of betrayal returned for friendship." Hey that's great. I hope s/he* decides next to invite guilt on the Fourth of July, for being so mean to the British. I mean, they gave us the common law and our common language, and look how we thank them! You KNOW this list is going to show up in his/her professional development report to demonstrate his/her work accomplishments.

John notices this Fox News story on the matter, which includes a quote from a native American in Seattle:
The spirit of Thanksgiving, of people working together to help each other, is the spirit I think that needs to grow in this country, because this country has gotten very divisive.
To the Seattle School District's director of Equity, Race and Learning Support, a special Thanksgiving wish from my friends at Fraters Libertas.

*This is not a bow to PC. I have no idea if someone named "Caprice" is a man or a woman. But no way is someone named "Caprice" a conservative -- you'd use "Cap" or "Cappy" instead if you were.