Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Wait! I know that voice! 

Even Littlest could identify the fine radio tones of Dan "The Ox" Ochsner on KNSI this morning as we hopped in the car to go to school. He apparently was on for the whole hour, and according to sources did not get a welcome back or any such thing on the air. He just sat down and talked like he was doing his old show again. The real purpose of his visit was to promote a chefs auction for the March of Dimes in town tonight. Currently he works in commercial real estate. His old producer Don Lyons has been handling most of the host duties since the departure of Andy Barnett, with Tony Garcia handling last Friday's show while Don traveled with Husky hockey.

I have not heard whether the station is searching outside for another host or choosing from its in-house personalities. So far, though, there's been no change in format and that's good news.