Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Sign, sign, everywhere a sign 

The mayor notes with pleasure the creation of new badges for MOB members who wish to display their status in the MOBosphere. Unfortunately some choose to use these for ill and not good. As members of the NARN Council had already thrusted themselves into the public arena to opine on whether or not someone or some post was racist, they could not claim that their advice was not considered. Neither would it be true to declare the Council elected; only the seat of the mayor's office has been chosen by the MOB. My grant of councilor status is my choice.

As to the former mayor, his input is welcome and will be considered but again, only one person is eventually held responsible. In the words of the great Parcells, if I am making the dinner, I get to buy the groceries. In a moment of crisis, someone had to step up and make a decision. Since NARNians were already in turmoil over this, decisive action was needed.

So the ingratitude of this remark from Mitch will not go unnoticed:
I call upon King Banaian to relinquish control over the MOB�s policy-setting apparatus and, above all, the �Blue� and �Red� lists of blogs� standings in the MOB.
What to do, what to do? We turn to the source of all wisdom,
They'll come a day when you'll be free Northern Land
The band will play your folk songs Northern Land
Caught in this crossfire is it any wonder
We don't understand
The Mayor's office rules that Shot in the Dark must bear this logo in order to fly the MOBroll. There will be a meeting at the Patriot studios about this shortly.