Thursday, November 01, 2007

Shocking development in MOB election 

In the election of the new mayor of the MOB -- ApplesCowsSki appears to be fading -- we are in receipt of evidence showing the unfitness of the candidate Atomizer. Endorsed of course by his brother blogger Chad the Elder as the candidate with the motto "Drink Early and Often", this is of course a play for the share of the MOB that frequents such fine establishments as Keegans. Thus this requires that the Mayor be able to hold his booze rather well. We commend ApplesCowsSki for his excellent imbibing skills.

As to Atomizer, I have in my possession evidence that Atomizer is not so gifted in this department. We have a picture of him enjoying a beer one recent evening on a very Scottish-looking couch, which of course may annoy the Keegans. It would not be good for the Mayor to run afoul of our Irish-MOB friends.
It is interesting that Atomizer insists on going out in this outfit looking like Flat Stanley. This is surely a coincidence. Note the orange shirt. Very difficult to imagine a mayor so dressed. But worse, he obviously could not hold his liquids, as the following picture will attest.

It is believed that he was heard saying "Gato, was that Minute Maid or did you just see a UFO?"

The MOB deserves better in its mayor. We favor dogs and cats, good spelling, free vowels for everyone, and the ability to control one's beer intake. Have you voted yet today? Buttercup says do it: