Tuesday, November 27, 2007

How to die happy 

Chatting with someone last night, we made one of those Man Law things: No watching bands that have tribute bands. For him it was Journey. For me, an old prog-rocker, it was Yes. Not too hard given most of the music had gone downhill the last fifteen years. But I thought, who has a Yes tribute band?

What a story this is. Not only is there one, but they end up getting to play with Steve Howe.
Following the recent highly successful tour of the UK, Belgium and Holland with Steve Howe of Yes, the founder members of Fragile have taken the decision to call time on any band activities for the immediate future. Steve Carney, Jon Bastable, Mitch Harwood and Tom Dawe (who established Fragile in 1998) intend to explore other musical ventures,...

�We view Fragile as a job done. Our recent tour with Steve Howe was a seminal moment that convinced each of us that anything after the tour with Steve would probably fall prey to the law of diminishing returns. We have nothing left to prove and the last show in Holland was a truly defining moment. We would like to extend our genuine thanks and best wishes to everyone who has supported Fragile over the last decade. ...
I'd like to know of other examples of this. They didn't just do it once, they played four shows with Howe, who hasn't been exactly lazing about. As I said to my friend, if you are in a tribute band and the guy you're tributing comes to play with you, isn't that like Costner in For the Love of the Game? Don't you just send the ball to the owner's box and ride off with Kelly Preston now?