Thursday, October 25, 2007

Michael Murphy, Medal of Honor Recipient 

After waiting a couple of days, all I can say is "How sad, how very sad." Michael Murphy, a Navy Seal, lost is life in Afghanistan after his group got ambushed. He exposed his position when calling for help; sustained a number of wounds but relayed his group's position to headquarters. Before any could be rescued, Michael died along with other Seals that day, a low for Seals, but also a riveting memory told very well by Marcus Lattrell in his book, "Lone Surviver."

We still read and hear of heroes - unfortunately, not on the so-called news channels. Their anti-military bias has tarnished their views to the point where a fact challenged would-be reporter gets more attention than a true hero, one who really deserves honor and respect from the American public.

On October 22, President Bush presented the Medal of Honor to Michael's parents. We are indeed fortunate that we still have young men and women who understand honor, country, valor, truth, and freedom - without the soldier, our freedoms are gone.

Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Murphy for raising such a fine young man. We are indebted to you and his memory as well as others who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.

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