Sunday, October 21, 2007

Indoctrinate U 

On Saturday, King invited me to co-host his radio show, "The Final Hour" on AM 1280. Our guest for the day was Ken Doyle, president of the Minnesota Association of Scholars. The conversation for the first hour centered on the documentary, "Indoctrinate U" which is coming to the Oak Street Cinema in the Twin Cities beginning this Friday, October 26, and running through Thursday, November 1.

The focus of the documentary is the biased environment so many college and university students experience when they attempt to challenge college speech codes, inconsistent application of university rules and regulations, or disagree with the one-sidedness of some professors, even if the professor is wrong. A documentary preview and related events are linked here.

Detailed information on the show times can be found here.

We hope all interested in higher education, instructors, taxpayers, students, government officials, and others will attend a showing. Our nation has thrived because of its culture of open discussion and honest debate. Denying future generations the environment to challenge without fear of being penalized in their grades, is just wrong.

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