Thursday, October 04, 2007

In the Shadow of the Moon 

Tonight my husband and I saw a wonderful movie, In the Shadow of the Moon, directed by Ron Howard. It is the story of America's Apollo Program, when we went to the moon.

There are still a number of astronauts alive who were interviewed for this movie. It vividly shows the politics of the 1960's, all we were living through. But it also shows who and what we are - doers, believers, dreamers. The movie captures everything good about our nation. It is unfortunate that far too many of those who were educated after this incredible success have no clue as to what we can do.

The movie ran at the Lagoon Theater in Minneapolis through tonight. I wish I'd seen it earlier. However, if you find it coming to your town, go see it. Every school child in America, grade 1-12 should see this movie. It makes you proud to be an American. The side benefits the world inherited from this venture are too numerous to mention but all benefited from our research and knowledge.

As one astronaut said, "Every place we went, people said 'We did it', not 'You Americans, but we - mankind." To see the actual film footage of the positive reactions of people across the planet warms the heart.

If you lived through it, you will love the recall. If you have children, somehow, find a copy and watch it with them. If you teach, get it for your school.