Monday, October 15, 2007

Great news from Iraq 

This enormous success will get little if any coverage in the mainstream media (MSM). However, this is crucial. My young Iraqi friend has emphasized multiple times that Iraqis don't care a whole lot about which interpretation of Islam is "the" interpretation.

What is critical is this: No one, absolutely no one who lives in a totalitarian society can even consider this "freedom" thing when under the heel of totalitarian rule (religion, tribe, generic thug, etc.). In a dictatorial environment, one spends one's time trying to survive, avoid being accused of something they never did and avoid real torture. Freedom is a luxury only available when security and safety and the rule of law are mostly in place.

Americans, with the surge, gave the Iraqis a chance. Iraqis are taking advantage of the recent stability unknown previously (Saddam was not safe). This breakthrough is one of many that have occurred in the past two months. It is a gross pity these achievements are not headlined everywhere.

For those who went through any business program, there is a concept called Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. In summary, once basic physical needs have been met, safety and security are required before anything else can be achieved. People need basics first - the Iraqis discovered this and realized their success was possible and the AQI bullies brought in from outside Iraq were not the way to go. The Iraqis are moving forward.