Thursday, October 11, 2007

Blogs and levy votes 

The Times runs a headline story today on the use of a blog and a wiki to drum up discussion and action on the Sauk Rapids-Rice school levy vote. I'm quoted a few times in this story. I don't know how many views these pages get -- the blog has a counter indicating less than 4000 hits, which would be about eight days on my site (check sitemeters to the right). The billboard in the story caught my eye as I drove down the highway yesterday morning after a meeting north of Sauk Rapids; it is very hard to read that sign driving 65 mph, so the news coverage probably gave the anonymous blogger more publicity than he could have expected.

Many blogs will cover levy campaigns and take sides, but doing so with a new blog is to me likely to be less effective than coverage on an existing blog. More of them, I suspect, are like this, created by the affected school teachers.

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