Thursday, October 11, 2007

Be it known 

...that I indeed have thrown my hat into the MOB Mayor ring. Here are my qualifications:

Like the current occupant, I like dogs.

(OK, dog vote, check.)

Like the current occupant, I like big trucks. Well, not quite as big, but let's see his truck save Matt Damon.

(OK, dogs and trucks. Sounding like a coalition here.)

Unlike the current occupant, I value spelling.

(Contrast. Michael tells me this is important.)

Unlike the current occupant, I know stuff about economics. Fixing trucks, no, no clue. But I promise to increase the MOB budget by 50% next year.

(OK, big spending promises. I think this is going to work!)

And those offering their open support (link to me via trackback) will get their names read on the air a week from Saturday and can enter the drawing to play with me for MiLF next year, which will get you much closer to the Pitcher than the current occupant will.

(That ought to do it. Yes, I can feel the seal now.)