Sunday, September 23, 2007

Union-Sponsored Anti-war Demonstration Flops in St. Paul 

As noted here on Saturday, two key public unions (AFSCME and SEIU) along with other assorted unions and anti-war groups used members' dues to stage a rally (?) on the steps of the MN Capitol in St. Paul. Since some union members do not support these causes, is this a fair use of their dues?

A second point is interesting. This particular anti-war assemblage spent weeks weeks planning, contacting members, etc. However, it would take a very large imagination to call this rally a success - max, 300 people. How many thousands of members comprise AFSCME and SEIU, not counting the other organizations behind this event?

On the other hand, a stalwart band of military and mission supporters are beginning to appear at various anti-war functions. The base group, Families United, founded by MN's own Merilee Carlson who lost her son, Shrek in Iraq, organized a quick response. Though the group was small, it made an impact.

The anti-war crowd is not used to seeing any opposition but now supporters of our troops are pulling together. These people realize we are in a fight for freedom and civilization.

Everyone wants peace but once peace=pacifism, freedom for all, including the anti-war crowd, is at risk of disappearing. As long as there are those who wish to destroy us and suppress others' beliefs, someone will have to take a stand. Right now, it's the US.

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