Tuesday, September 11, 2007

There's many a slip between the flood bill and the lip 

Sneaking a quick peek before I get on the plane east, I find this on Mary Lahammer's blog:
There's a bit a chaos afoot at the Capitol tonight. Both chambers only gaveled in quickly and left again to keep crafting deals. What we're hearing is slowing things down is an effort led by the House to pass a property tax relief bill. The bill is apparently at the Revisor's office now and it's the same tax bill the governor vetoed minus his objections. The Senate is not on board. One high-ranking senator just told me "we're not interested" in doing the property tax bill. In fact several lawmakers have told me the Senate Tax Chair Tom Bakk may not be attending the special session at all. Gov. Pawlenty has gotten wind of this and just sent a letter out to "inform the legislature of the purposes for which they are convened" and he added that "a deal is a deal" to hold a one-day session limited to disaster relief.
They can not be this stupid. DJ Danielson is live-blogging the session and doesn't see any of this nonsense. It appears the flood bill is moving along smartly in the Senate. The House recessed. Pogie is still being Pogie:
According to Pogemiller, the possibility of a conference committee cannot be ruled out. In order to limit the possibility of this, he is encouraged amendments to be brought to the rules committee. Senate minority leader David Senjem is encouraging Senators to �hold the line and work within the framework of the bill.�

�As Senator (Dick) Day often says, we all have election certificates. I do not want to suppress debate, but encourage everyone to use their best judgment,� Pogemiller said.

Again, they can not be that stupid. Wreck this one-day session and the DFL majority in the House will go up in flames.

Well, I won't get to watch the end of this, I don't think. Janet should be here tomorrow; look for me either late that day (if the hotel has wifi) or Thursday (if it doesn't.)