Saturday, September 08, 2007

Pitch In! Help Our Guys 

Many of you know that I ship packages to soldiers as a Soldier's Angel. Many of you also know there are other groups that remember our soldiers.

Today, Saturday, on the Northern Alliance Radio Network, a leader in the Operation Minnesota Nice told of this week's activities at the White Bear Superstore. If you have wondered or wanted to help our troops, you can drop off donations for our soldiers at the White Bear Superstore, located at 3900 N. Hwy 61, White Bear, MN (800.906.3760, receptionist 651.476.0285) through Saturday, September 15.

Items in high demand include: Baby wipes, foot powder, Power Bars (and any treat that can be put in a pocket or small compartment of a backpack but not chocolate unless it is coated like M & Ms and Reese's Pieces), Freezy Pops, tubes of powdered drink mixes, beef jerky, socks, lip balm, sunscreen tubes (small ones), instant coffee packets, teabags, powdered creamer, cookies, hard-coated gum, Pop-Tarts, Tuna kits, dental pics, floss, board games, travel size games, cards, CDs, eye drops, lotion, disposable razors - particularly those that have the soap/aloe on them so they don't drag (Mach), canned air, Silly String, shoe insoles, kazoos, mini flashlights, duct tape to name a few. If you don't have time to donate items, cash contributions are welcome. I can speak from experience that shipping is a bit pricey but it's for our guys.

So stop by the White Bear Superstore and pitch in to help our guys. We have the finest, most educated, most responsible military that has ever existed. The least we can do, is give them a bit of home while they are over there, protecting our freedoms.

Thank you in advance for your support.