Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Minnesota Remembers 

Every once in awhile you discover a truly unique individual. Sunday, I attended a memorial service for those Minnesotans who have died in Iraq or Afghanistan defending our freedoms. The driver behind this memorial is John Enstrom and his wife, Bonnie. They have renamed part of their property in Ramsey, MN to Veterans Park, in memory of John's dad, a WWII vet and in honor of current American military service personnel.

Today's program included talks by Gold Star Mom, Merrilee Carlson, Blue Star Mom,Cindy McLean, color guard duties by Elk River American Legion, superb support from the Patriot Guard. Anoka County Commissioner Scott LeDoux also spoke briefly. Included are are a few photos from the event.

The park is open to anyone wishing to use it BUT you must contact John Estrom, before going there.