Thursday, September 13, 2007

Initial Milan 

Just in time for my visit to Milan, they are having a one-day transit strike. Judging from my brief perusal of the internet, these intermittent strikes are a common occurrence. Doesn't matter as much today, as I need to get a lot of work done and am pretty much confined to my room (which is about as small as my colleagues' offices -- I will be returning to one as soon as someone lets me out of being a department chair. I'll have to show you a picture of that.)

A nice thing about Milan -- you get B-52s, Hooverphonic and Morcheeba with your breakfast and work in the lobby. At least I have this morning.

I share Chad's complaint about being stuck in a room where the only English-language stations are CNN International and MTV. Both showed Britney's new act. Talk about overexposed!

More as I get out and explore.