Monday, September 17, 2007

Got to go fast, so here's your picture 

OK, check these out. Those hinged things on the left come down as your seat for a seminar. They are covered in some vinyl stuff so that when you sit in them you make the sound Roseanne Roseannadanna made when she sat with Eric Severeid in that old SNL bit. They are convenient to make a classroom fit more seats, but once one is seated in the middle one cannot leave without making everyone else stand up. This sounds like a good idea -- students should stay! -- but faculty in a workshop won't, particularly at one that lasts from 8 am to 7:15pm with only lunch and an occassional coffee break. Cripes! They become very uncomfortable then, as these people appear to be.

But this school had a great restaurant in its basement, which served wine with lunch. Any chance we can have this in the MnSCU system? And Bocconi also has these interesting creatures guarding it as you enter. I am not sure what animal this is supposed to be or whether it is really fierce or not. Maybe so.

Anyway, that's about it from here. At six euros an hour the internet is too expensive to post more. So Janet will keep you until Wednesday. Arrividerci!