Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Why have red tape? 

Governor Pawlenty yesterday sent a letter to the Minnesota Congressional delegation that sought a waiver to allow the Secretary of Transportation or some other designated official "to expedite, waive or relax federal regulations that can be properly and safely be set aside to allow us to recover promptly from this emergency."Mesabi Daily News agrees:
We�re talking about an unexpected emergency situation that has befallen the Twin Cities and Minnesota. It needs some quick action and the federal government can be a helpful partner in that process.

And perhaps, taking the long view, this would create a good opportunity for the White House and Congress to look closely at just how much a hindrance federal red tape can be for state and local governments on several issues.
Will anyone discuss how this red tape drives up the costs of maintenance and repair of bridges, and might be contributory to a lack of repairs? Would they talk about union wages?