Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Teachers for death 

A group of teachers showed up yesterday at the local office of Michele Bachmann "to end her support of President Bush's Iraq surge." Since by all accounts the surge is working, they would like her to stop supporting an effort to win the war. They spread the usual disinformation that a draft is coming -- not even Nancy Pelosi thinks that -- and brought out a dozen teachers to help. Here's one local teacher:

For some, the event was personal. Louise Olson, a 30-year St. Cloud school district employee, said her grandson came home from Iraq with post-traumatic stress disorder two years ago and has required treatment at the St. Cloud VA Medical Center.

"I felt so bad for him," she said. "I hate Bush so much because he's a liar."

And I feel bad for you, Ms. Olson, and pray you receive the help you need.

Drew Emmer shows us the list of usual suspects that ginned up these dozen teachers.

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