Sunday, August 26, 2007

Opus and the Timid MSM 

CORRECTION (8/27/2007): As noted in the comments, the Star Tribune did run the Opus strip yesterday.


The Opus cartoon is a favorite of many Americans (present company excluded). Berkeley Breathed, the author is known for his ability to skewer most any group. He took a light-hearted approach to Islam for Sunday newspaper editions running today, 8/26 and next Sunday, 9/2. Salon has published the strips on line - you can view the 8/26 one here.

Our esteemed mainstream media (MSM), including Breathed's home paper, the Washington Post, along with the New York Times refused to run the cartoon. The St. Paul Pioneer Press ran the cartoon today (thank you) but not the Mpls. (Red) Star Tribune.

Why is it that so many papers on the left are determined to run anything that slams Christianity but play ostrich when it comes to anything other than kowtowing to Islam?

This cartoon cowardice triggered a conversation I had with one of my Muslim students. He informed me that in his home country, Muslim women did not laugh or smile. When he came to the US, it took quite an adjustment on his part to get used to women laughing. A sense of humor on the part of this particular group would help tremendously.

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