Thursday, August 16, 2007

Is "I Stand for Israel" a hate symbol? 

Powerline points out an alarming story at the University of Maryland. A student is refused service at a co-op (not owned by the university, but on its campus) because she wore a short saying "I Stand for Israel." The student eventually was checked out by another cashier, but had to apologize to the offended clerk and offered chocolate cake as penance.

The university has a speech code that include this statement:
Incidents that are motivated by prejudice and hatred pose a unique danger to society. Such acts affect the fundamental rights of our community, not just the immediate victim. These incidents cause tension and may erupt into violence.


* RRESD Slurs
* Computer/Phone Harassment
* Physical Attack
* Hate Symbols
* Hate Literature
* Verbal Abuse
* Destruction of Property
Is "I Stand for Israel" a hate symbol? We know that displaying the Israeli flag gets some liberals upset -- even Jewish liberals.

Or perhaps the problem is that she wore the shirt outside of a free speech zone.