Monday, August 27, 2007

Embedded Reporter Wesley Morgan 

Glenn Reynolds noted last night two posts from Iraq here and here by embedded Daily Princetonian Reporter Wesley Morgan. In the comments to the second post, about an incredible female soldier identified as "Allison K.", Morgan has just said(8/27 at 5:45 am) that 'i confirmed the story with her sergeant." Morgan also says that he has " her full name but am not going to give it out without checking with her."

The openness and detail in reporting provided by Morgan stands in vivid contrast to the discredited Scott Beauchamp stories published by The New Republic.

The brief bio on Morgan's blog says that he
is a sophomore at Princeton University, where he writes for The Daily Princetonian. He is blogging from Iraq, where he will spend the month on the invitation of the commander of U.S. forces there, Gen. David Petraeus. Wesley is a member of Princeton's Army ROTC and lives in Watertown, Massachusetts.

Morgan has several excellent earlier posts from Iraq, including a long post about his day accompanying General Petraeus. Read as many of Morgan's posts as you can -- it is outstanding reporting.

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