Monday, July 23, 2007

Who called for these earmarks? 

That's what The Examiner wants to know.
Here are the earmarks identified for Minnesota, which total $7,155,000. Check out the earmarks for your state and then call your congressman and ask if he or she sponsored any of your state's earmarks. If the answer is yes, ask why the congressman's name isn't on the earmark. If you recognize the institution designated to receive the earmarked tax dollars, call them and ask them what they intend to do with your money.
There's one for the other states, so if you're not in MN there's a list for you. On this list is $400.000 for "St. Cloud State University for the Science Initiative of Central Minnesota for curriculum development." That would be this organization, which has helped our university create a new masters in regulatory affairs; that's right, you can get a masters degree in how to navigate the Federal regulatory system to get your medical device to market. Bureaucracy has created a new field of study.

I am inquiring to see who our benefactor is and have dropped a note to . Who knows? We might throw them a party! I'll let you know if I get any response.

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