Monday, July 09, 2007

That's entertainment 

Waking up at 6 a.m. on a cool warm morning -
Opening the windows and breathing in petrol -
An amateur band rehearsing in a nearby yard -
Watching the tele and thinking about your holidays -

Andy Barnett, morning talk show host at KNSI in St. Cloud, reports on a conversation he had last week with state senator Tarryl Clark.
Senator Clark made it clear to me that she does not do certain types of radio shows, like Hot Talk. She said she is not comfortable doing opinion based entertainment talk shows. She went on to say that she didn't like the questions I asked her because they were too opinionated. She said I asked the kind of questions her critics from the right ask.

...At the end of our conversation there was some talk about a possible re-appearance on Hot Talk, but she said it would have to be with certain ground rules in place.
So the voice of the Senate DFL wants ground rules. Don't take it personally, Andy. We have offered repeatedly to have Sen. Clark on our show as well, but because it is on a Saturday her office reported that she would be spending time in the district with her constituents. I guess she decided we're entertainment, too.

Now it turns out her constituents can not hear her on the only talk radio program in her district.

Perhaps she feels burned by MPR; after all, they quote her as saying the Senate's budget would not have any additional taxes in it. And it didn't ... for about three weeks. Instead, she held out for $314 per student extra in special ed money from the state to St. Cloud. Maybe she didn't want to be asked why the school district still "needs" an extra $6.5 million in a new tax levy. Indeed, what kind of 'spokespersoning' does she do up here?

But no need for that, Mrs. Clark, just keep feeding the ducks and wishing you were far away...
UPDATE (7:30pm): I just recalled reading something earlier, notes on a presentation Senator
Clark made to the Civic Caucus in Bloomington on June 21.
Legislators are finding it increasingly difficult to get their message out as the mainstream media reduce their public affairs coverage, Clark said. The Governor can command a good deal of attention, but legislators don't get that kind of attention, she said. Acknowledging the growing role of internet outlets, Clark said she's unsure the extent that legislators themselves utilize the internet for news. Certainly, blogs get legislators' attention, but she doesn't know how much legislators turn to the internet for hard news. Clark said she relies heavily on radio and newspapers.
Emphasis mine. Why does she do that but reject KNSI? Because she knows that, with the exception of talk radio, she can rely on the mass media for compliant, softball coverage. One that will refer to talk radio in St. Cloud as KGOP.

Here is a lesson for budding politicians (listening, Josh?) Get your message in as many channels as possible, and stand for what you believe in. I still admire the work Jay Esmay did with his blog and consider it a model. Ingredients were time, a message, and a passion. People are impressed by Fred Thompson's new media effort, but you need nothing nearly so elaborate. This woman will not blog, for fear of criticism. Those that will, can gain an audience.

Michael has no problem going on Air America
, and neither would I. The Final Word continues to offer its microphone to any Democrat, at any time. We will make time for you. Come, persuade, if you can. Be a spokesperson for your beliefs.

Does the Senator from St. Cloud have what it takes?