Monday, July 30, 2007

Singing until they come home 

The local paper has run a Monday insert of local-interest stories, and the lead this morning is of a mother and daughter making a CD of music for the son-in-law and husband that serves in Balad. I've been blessed to have been on stage with Patty McLaird, a woman of great spirit and a delightful voice. I am glad to hear from the story that she is better:

Wagner eventually finished mixing the CD when McLaird was in the hospital, and the pair has sent about 250 copies to military personnel serving overseas. McLaird and Wagner did not name the CD, but they refer to it as �The Servicemen�s Project.�

There are 16 tracks on the CD, including seven with vocals and two poems with music in the background. The rest are instrumentals. McLaird sings, plays guitar and wrote some of the tracks. Wagner plays guitar, violin, mandolin, harmonica, sings and wrote some of the tracks. Her brother, Lucas McLaird, an Army veteran, plays piano on the CD.

Wagner, 24, was married seven months to Ryan, 26, before he was sent to Iraq. Ryan Wagner is a full-time employee of the National Guard and is currently stationed as a helicopter flight engineer in Balad, Iraq.

She had a tough time with his deployment and decided to do something about it.

�Summer said it pretty well when she said, �You�ve got two choices � you can cry and worry all the time or have faith and do something about it,�� said Patty McLaird, who works for the St. Cloud school district as a paraprofessional for the deaf and hard of hearing. �She said we have to try and be positive for the men we come in contact with.�

There's a sample and information on how to get the CD to a serviceman in the article. If you have someone still there, give it a thought, and a prayer for Ryan.